100 Dollar laptop, Niagara, and browser birthday

… all of them made possible by the great folks at digg.com.

A really, truly, absolutely amazing picture of the Niagara falls from a satellite up above the world so high; it actually looks as if it was taken from a helicopter flying at a low altitude. It’s awsome. [via]

You must feast your eyes on the new beauty that was unveiled by MIT’s Media Lab: the 100 dollar laptop from the ‘One Laptop Per Child’ program. I don’t like its marketing strategy, but I certainly like these pictures. [via]

The browser was born on the Christmas day 15 years ago. e-week has a story commemorating the event. [via]

For as much as Berners-Lee seems proud that the browser has come as far as it has, growing from an underground academic phenomenon to a vitally important tool in millions of people’s lives, he still believes browsers are too limiting in how they allow people to input and consume information.


The W3C head said that he’s encouraged by the new wave of interest in self-publishing technologies such as blogs, RSS feeds and wikis, as those interactive Web applications are closer to what he’d originally imagined, versus a network of tightly-controlled browsers and sites largely owned by businesses.

As part of a tightrope act that people exchanging information online must learn how to balance better, he said, Web browsers and sites will need to become more adaptive in allowing users to manipulate information online, while also getting more secure and trustworthy.


One thought on “100 Dollar laptop, Niagara, and browser birthday

  1. Niagara Falls is gorgeous.

    Technically, this is the Horseshoe Falls.

    I rather like standing (on solid ground) right at the edge. The mass of water flowing by is incredible. Even more amazing is this is after up to half of the water has been diverted for the US and Canadian Hydroelectric plants.

    FYI, in the pic, North is at the bottom of the photo. The american side is on the east. The canadian is on the west.

    Further north, you can find the Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls.

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