Caste discrimination

There is indeed much discrimination in our society but there is also a sense of fair play, and that sense is growing. It is a sensitive plant and it should be given fresh air to grow. To insist as a matter of course that there is discrimination against Dalits without even looking at evidence to the contrary does little good to the long-term interests of the Dalits themselves.

So says Andre Beteille in this opinion piece in the Telegraph.


2 thoughts on “Caste discrimination

  1. Thats true. Our “champions” of dalit causes never want to see the other side. The case in point is the race towards quotas in private companies, where, there is a “sense of fair play”. Caste is never asked in the interviews, but if our “champions” have their way, we will soon have that as a mandatory thing in the app forms. Not only that, it will there all over after that.

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