Intriguing enchantment from a soap bubble with a handle …

I am sure you all want to know what a ‘genus one helicoid’ is. Apparently, it’s the new, new thing in minimal surfaces.

The article mentions some of the applications of minimal surfaces in mixtures of polymers and architecture too; the latter might exploit, for example, the physical ruggedness of the minimal surfaces. However, the next sentence left me utterly stunned:

Calendars are another use for this work, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of minimal surfaces.

Calendars? It sounds loony; but this feeling will go away in a hurry the moment you take a look at the pictures in these two galleries. Indiana University’s Mathias Weber, the author and host of these galleries says they are meant to convey “some of the intriguing enchantment that a mathematician feels when exploring the mathematical objects.”

The enchantment is more than intriguing; it’s amazing.


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