It’s financial impropriety now

The aftermath of Hwang Woo Suk scandal has taken yet another bizarre turn. He has now been accused of financial impropriety too!

Prosecutors on Friday indicted a disgraced cloning scientist on embezzlement and bioethics law violations linked to faked stem cell research, officials said.

Government auditors said in February that it was unclear how he had spent $2.6 million of the $33 million in government funds and $6.4 million in private donations he received.

Nature has also covered this story.

The Seoul Central District prosecutor’s office in South Korea charged him with embezzling KRW2.8 billion (US$3 million) and using the funds to purchase a car for himself and gifts for politicians. He is said to have committed fraud by knowingly using fabricated data to apply for research funds. […]

Five other researchers on Hwang’s team were also charged with various offences, including one who, the indictment said, had deceived Hwang by claiming cells he gave Hwang were clones.

Finally, this last paragraph in the Nature story is intriguing.

Meanwhile a Buddhist organization claimed this week to have raised KRW60 billion (US$64 million) to support Hwang’s research efforts.


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