Hwang says he didn’t fake it, his underlings did

The disgraced scientist, Hwang Woo Suk, firmly believed his lab’s purported stem cell breakthroughs were genuine until confronted last year with evidence that they were faked, his lawyer insisted Tuesday at the start of Hwang’s trial for fraud. …

The opening comments by Hwang’s lawyer, Park Jong Rok, appeared to stem from Hwang’s long-running strategy of blaming the scandal on underlings in his research team.

From this story. Clearly, Hwang wants to blame his subordinates, and deny responsibility for the original crime of fabricating results. Yesterday’s Economic Times seemed to indicate that one of them said something to the effect that he fabricated some of the findings under pressure, and that Hwang was unaware of his shenanigans. [Sorry, I am unable to get a link to this story online].


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