Annals of academic put-downs

Prayer may not be very efficient when compared to celestial mechanics, but it surely holds its own vis-a-vis some parts of economics.
— Paul Feyerabend

Quote taken from this post by John Horgan, who reads Philip Ball’s Nature article on econophysics, and asks “can economics ever be like physics?” Horgan is convinced that the answer is “no”. Do read Horgan’s post; it has an interesting discussion on the utility of physics ideas and models in social sciences.


3 thoughts on “Annals of academic put-downs

  1. Found it by google. Interesting articles. I have been interested in this sort of things and it would have taken me ages to find this precise set of artcles. Thanks for the links. Compare Joe McCauley’s comments in Philip Ball’s article and Horgan’s blog. I suspect that lot of the activity may come from the need to publish. Who knows. There may be bits and pieces which are useful. thanks again.

  2. Just noticed this abstract:
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
    ISSN: 0962-8436 (Paper) 1471-2970 (Online)
    Issue: Volume 361, Number 1471 / July 29, 2006
    Pages: 1137 – 1148
    DOI: 10.1098/rstb.2006.1853

    Psychophysics of sweet and fat perception in obesity: problems, solutions and new perspectives

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