Hwang Woo Suk admits wrongdoing

Finally! Here’s the Guardian:

For a paper in the journal Science, Hwang said he had told researchers to make it look as if they were basing their results on 11 cloned embryonic stem cell lines, rather than the two lines he believed they had.

Here’s the Telegraph:

“I admit to the suspicion of fabrication,” he told prosecutors, who asked him to admit he had altered data to make it look as if he and his team had created more stem cell lines than they actually had for a research paper. “It was clearly my wrongdoing,” Dr Hwang said. “I admit it.”

The hearing in Seoul also revealed the extraordinary secret attempts by him and his staff to deceive the world about their achievements.

He admitted to telling his researchers to go along with the fraud, to make it look as if data taken from two stem cell lines came from 11 cell lines.

In fact, prosecutors also believe that even these two cells lines were fake, brought in to the lab from outside by Dr Hwang’s team without telling him. They were not cloned stem cell lines, but lines from uncloned cells.


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