Nature’s list of top 50 science blogs

Nature has published a list of the top 50 science blogs by academics; the ranking is based on Technorati ratings. It also has reactions from the bloggers behind the top five blogs.

The top 50 list features quite a few that I read regularly: Pharyngula (1), Cosmic Variance (4), Adventures in Science and Ethics (10), Uncertain Principles (11), Savage Minds (17), and Three-toed Sloth.


5 thoughts on “Nature’s list of top 50 science blogs

  1. Thanks for the link to Valluvar’s Musings. Kiran Tauro’s blog Indic View seems to be defunct. There are quite a few bloggers who write about science — Selva (Scientific Indian), Aswin, Sowmya. They don’t restrict themselves to India-centric stuff (though they have some of that as well).

  2. I noticed another:
    At one time I was hoping to start a blog-site about science topics which affect common people and write in such a way that many without a lot of background can understand. Modelled after Russian books of the type “Science for Commoner”. since my background is in Pure Math. I found that I have to learn and quickly gave up the idea. I think some leftist organization Jana Vignan Kendram (approximate name) may be doing such work publishing in various regional languages. I thought such things may encourage some rational thinking and also give some useful tips. For example, Australians in dry areas (most of Australia) experimented with watering orchard plants-trees alternately on one side and found that they could save over 30 perecent water. Anyway, I seem to be busy learning myself. Regards,

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